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I’m a wife, mom, and a registered nurse and a blogger. I love sharing makeup tips in hopes to help other mothers gain their confidence.

There are way too many products in the market, and it gets really confusing and frustrating trying to find the right one for you. I am your ginny pig, I share tips on my findings.

keep hydrated for awesome skin

All evaluations of items on this blog site are my individual viewpoint. Everybody is various and has various expectations. Any items discussed in my blog site must be utilized at your very own discretion. Please be thoughtful and request for consent prior to utilizing any pictures on this blog site. If an item is sent out complimentary of the business for a factor to consider, it will be mentioned in the post. Products that do not measure up to their “claim” will not be provided any reference.

Makeup History:

It really wasn’t incredibly popular anywhere else– utilizing cosmetics was a sure indication you were a huge floozy. The rest of Europe wasn’t in on the makeup pattern up until Queen Elizabeth I began painting her face white. As well as then, that was a restricted usage of entire face paint and powder– anything else was uncommon and rather outrageous. Even our existing Queen Elizabeth does not handle maquillage lest her topics believe she’s slutty.

Museums are packed complete with makeup combinations and tools of the past that females utilized to preserve their appearance with synthetic goodies. However since the museums of the world are manipulated to the ancient classical cultures of the Mediterranean, we’re getting a manipulated view of the history of makeup.

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